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Type of service :
Buffet, Sitting, Restaurant, Self Help Counter, Interactive Stalls, Guerdon Service

Imported Corelle / Arcopole Chinawares, All Plates Are Sterilised & Packed in Cloth Jackets which is used as Napkin as well.

Smart English speaking boys & girls from Hotel Management Iinstitutes

1) Red Waist Coat, With White Shirt, Black Bow Tie & Black Trousers
2) Chef’s Uniform.
3) Black Suit, White Shirt with Black Tie & Black Trousers
4) Traditional Bengali Dhuti Kurta
5) Airlines Cabin Crew Uniform (Airhostess)

1) Copper / brass cheffing dish
2) Imported rolling top steel chefing dish
3) Steel / epns fork & spoons
4) Fresh crockeries / cutleries for all guests, no recycling during service.